What Do the Latest Melanoma Studies Reveal?

It is a fact that melanoma is the deadliest of skin cancers. Furthermore, the rate of this type of skin cancer has doubled over the course of the last two decades. Another disturbing fact is that it is becoming ever more common in young adults and in children as well. In this situation, many research institutes and treatment centres carry out studies which are intended to identify the precise causes of this condition and to produce a cure. Learn more about some of their latest findings.

Different Causes

It is known that melanoma typically occurs in skin cells which have been damaged by UV rays. However, the precise way in which ultraviolet light works to cause cellular damage is not known. In recent times, researchers have made great progress in this field. The latest studies show that the UV rays work to cause cellular damage leading to this type of skin cancer in two different ways.

One of the ways in which UV rays can cause this condition is through damage of skin cells during childhood leading to sunburn. Even though the tumour develops many years later, it is this initial change in the cellular DNA which has triggered it. The other way in which the condition can be caused is through regular exposure to UV radiation during adulthood. This can still lead to tumour formation even without the presence of sunburn.

Advanced Combination Treatment

A recent study which involved 500 melanoma patients from 20 different countries has revealed that combining two separate drugs for the treatment of this condition can produce more effective results. The two medications attacked the tumours in two different ways. The combined therapy helped to extend the period during which the growth of the tumours was inhibited from 6 to 9 months and even 10 months in some cases. In 10% of the patients, the existing tumours were completely eliminated.

Melanoma Vaccine Development

The vaccine is intended to be used for the treatment of this type of skin cancer and not for its prevention. Still, it works in the same way as ordinary vaccines designed to prevent virus infections. It contains weakened melanoma cells or specific compounds which are present in such sells. They are purposefully injected in the body in order to trigger an immune response. If this happens, the body’s immune system will work to destroy the abnormal cells. Previously made vaccines have not been greatly effective, but the scientists are working on making more advanced ones.

Hopefully, melanoma research will produce a cure for this condition soon.

Skin Moles Associated With Melanoma

Generally, skin moles are harmless features on your body. However, do not deny that these skin moles are a cause for concern. Have you ever encountered the word ‘Melanoma’? It is the medical condition of a person having skin cancer. There are so many factors that serve as promoting factors, to convert skin moles into a serious cancer. It is important to know what these factors are in order to steer clear of having skin cancer.

Some of the factors that can turn moles into melanoma include the presence of dysplastic nevus or the presence of more than 50 moles in the body. Having a lot of moles or dysplastic nevus does not automatically make one have cancer, though. But if you compare the chances of getting cancer of one person with a lot of moles and another with less, the latter will have lesser possibilities. This was also backed by scientific research.

A lot of research was also put on the other causative factors. Melanoma might also be associated with genetic factors. You may have melanoma, if you notice that it runs in your family. For instance, if you have your very close relatives like father, mother or siblings with skin cancer, then you might have a higher chance. In some families, there will be certain inherited diseases or disorders like xerodermapigmentosum. When that happens, melanoma occurrence is highly probably because of the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. But there are a lot of wonderful remedies to remove them, so don’t be too concerned. Thanks to the advancements in technology, complete mole removal is possible. Melanoma patients have successfully undergone laser surgeries.

Sensitivity to the sun sometimes does not come naturally to the skin. However, sensitivity can develop due to the use of certain antibiotics and drugs. Cancer tendencies can also be increased by the intake of some hormonal tablets. In these cases, you will experience having your immune system become suppressed. Thus you might end up having melanoma. This is not to cause unnecessary alarm to people with moles.

It is only meant to make people more aware and mindful of their moles. If they avoid the causative agents, melanoma can be easily prevented in future. The sensitivity to sun exposure is higher for those with very fair complexion. People with fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair have a higher chance. They need to be more careful, while traveling in summer. Moreover, if you have already developed one kind of melanoma, it is easier to get other associated kinds of melanoma. You may be aware of some people using sun lamps or tanning booths. People with moles who are under 30 years of age are warned by doctors against using these tanning booths. Avoid exposing your skin to them for prolonged periods of time.

I hope that this article makes you aware about all the indicators that show how a normal skin turns out to be cancerous. Again, they are not dangerous and benign. Generally, they do not pose any threat to humans. In fact, in some cultures, they are regarded as beautiful if found on certain parts of the body.

Effective Ways To Prevent Melanoma Cancer


A diagnosis of skin cancer can be particularly hard to deal with. Even though melanoma is considered the most serious and deadliest form of skin cancer, there is always hope that, in the end, even aggressive cancers can be defeated. If caught early, melanomas are usually curable, but if left untreated, they can quickly spread to other parts of the body, which could lead to a very hard and almost impossible battle.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. Recent estimates, published by the American Cancer Society, show that the rates of melanoma have been on the rise for the last three decades. May is officially National Melanoma Awareness Month, created to reduce cancer incidence through awareness. You can personally join the fight against skin cancer and reduce your risk in a number of ways.

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Melanoma

Wear sunscreen. If you limit your exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays, you definitely stand a chance to reduce the risk of sunburn and skin damage. Broad-spectrum sunscreen is an effective means to help prevent melanoma.

– Don’t forget to use sunglasses to protect your eyes and wear a hat to shade your face from the sun. Reduce both natural sunlight and artificial sources.

– Visit a healthcare professional and ask about getting regular exams at your dermatologist. Take plenty of Vitamin D, eat nutritious foods and avoid unhealthy lifestyles.


Always keep an eye out for unusual moles or growths on your skin. Dermatologists have classified melanomas according to these signs:

A – Asymmetry

Look for any moles that are asymmetrical, ragged or uneven.

B – Border

Typically, melanomas have notched or poorly defined borders.

C – Color

Multiple colors, such as brown, red, or white appear inside the lesion.

D – Diameter

Watch for any growths or moles greater than 6 millimeters in diameter.

E – Evolving

Does the mole or the lesion look different from the rest in terms of size, shape or color? If yes, visit your dermatologist immediately!

Get Involved!

You can start by helping local organizations >spread the word. Raising awareness in your community and speaking out about prevention and symptoms can be potentially life-saving activities. Resources such as brochures, wristbands, videos and webcasts could prove to be the key to fighting skin cancer.

Educate the public with brochures containing Info-graphics, a list of the risk factors and website links for newly diagnosed patients. Awareness wristbands can also really make a difference. Aside from being super cool fashion accessories, customized silicone bracelets have a number of other applications. They can be designed to create awareness among the community on various causes. As they are made of durable and non-allergenic silicone, people can wear them every day, reminding others how important it is to be united when fighting for something.

Be there for melanoma patients, and show your support with messages such as “Mel-A-No-More“, “Fighting With My Mom to Beat Melanoma“, “Stay Safe in the Sun“. See for yourself how a single product can make so much difference.